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26. märts 1956 (65)
My Island
I'm vaccinated against Covid-19!

Not interested in sissy or CD! Normal masculine slim guys/men welcome! NO pix = no reply!

It's so sad to notice that very few guys are serious here! I've chatted with some and planned to meet, but all of a sudden profile is deactivated, I'm blocked or profile removed. I do understand that it may be possible to loose interest, no problem. But please guys, show some education and politeness and tell like "sorry not interested" when you don't want further contact, OK??? Grow up guys, your chat partner have feelings too!

Take a look at my pic at the link. Would you like to join me there beside me?

Note: Only the stupid and insecure guys block just because you happened to visit their page! :D

Interested in a young slim couple, who'd like to spend a vacation in my summerhouse. Interested...?
I´m searching a young slim guy aged about ~17-22 y.o. who have time and interest to visit and spend a quality time with a guy in a nice seaside location in Finland. In free time we can do different things of mutual interest together. If you like fishing, it´s possible, make some good food together, have sauna & swimming in the sea. Sometimes after cuddle up in bed and please each others naked bodies. However, I´m not out for sex only, but would enjoy some mutual handwork together sometimes. To me it´s important we both have a good time and hopefully want to meet also sometimes in the future.
I´ll compensate your travel costs on arrival here to beforehand agreed costs.
I respond only to mails with photos and a brief description about yourself.
Archipelago trail:

I have a very scenic and nice place for summer holidays. Don't hesitate to write me if you think it could be interesting to spend a vacation here. Possible spend time nude and have sex in the nature. My dream would be to see a young couple have wild sex, maybe participate if OK for all. Write me and I can send photos, all not accepted to post here.

Not interested in and won't reply to guys 28 and older!!!

I think it's close to impossible to find a guy or a couple aged about 17-24 who'd be interested in an older guy, but up to you to decide. I think I won't disappoint you. I'm a nice, friendly single guy, living alone. I have a good boat and wonderful house where we could spend time together. Maybe a vacation with me? Would be wonderful to sit in the sunset, have sauna, some swimming and.... :) Look at the pix to see location. Girls interest only together with a bi/bi-curious boyfriend.
Any unemployed guys or guys who else have free time? You could come to spend some time with me here, living is free!!! :)

Would love to masturbate and suck a hetero guy, who'd be interested in a "secret" safe experience with a guy! Not mainly out for sex, but open to a good mix. :)

Några balter med nån kunskap och intresse för svenska? Skulle gärna bjuda in nån som vill träna svenska eller annars bara träffas och ha lite bus... :)

Maybe I saw your profile without writing you... Maybe interested in you, but your preferences make me think you're not interested, so don't hesitate to write me! I try not to irritate guys not interested in older guys by writing them messages! I try to reply to all serious messages.

A genuine village boy would be super to find! If you're not interested yourself, maybe you could mention to some of your friends, to help get in contact. At least I think there must be some guys out there who instead of sitting at home doing nothing, could be here with me having an interesting and good time and it doesn't even cost anything!!!
If I'd checked your profile page and not written anything, it may not be because I didn't like you or not interested. More likely it's your preferences and limitations/restrictions that keep me from contacting you. I've noticed that some guys state they're "Straight" just for privacy reasons.
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Juuste värv
Silmade värv
I'm slim and in good shape for my age.
Ask if you want to know more about me!
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Kui tihti soovin seksida
korra päevas
Minu roll seksis
nii aktiivne kui passiivne
Kas sulle meeldib masturbeerida
jah, üks kord päevas
Mind erutab
seksvideod, karvutu, karvane, grupiseks, striptiis, erinevad vormiriietused, Spending time naked in the sun with a nice guy or couple, or else when possible.
Mind jahutab maha
Over weight & poor personal hygiene and arrogance!
Minu ettekujutus ideaalsest esimesest kohtingust
Have sauna and after sit naked with a glass of champagne or beer in the sunset on a warm summer evening. Anyone interested?
Minu magamistoast leiad
Me and my waterbed! Hope someone would like to come to share it with me!
Mis muudab minu jaoks seksi kvaliteetseks?
Together with a young guy or a M/F couple have wild but tender sex. All do it together and fall asleep naked skin to skin. When wake up, start over again... :)
Soovin tutvuda
mehega, paariga m+m, paariga m+n
Soovitud vanus
18 - 24
Tutvumise eesmärk
seks, grupiseks, kooselu, üheöösuhe, eksperiment, sõprus, ajaviide, reisile minek, otsin armukest
Mina (me) oleme
Kas sa oled abielus?
Kas sul on lapsi?
meeldib teha kingitusi
Keda soovin leida
You can be a guy or a couple, gay, bi or just bi-curious, str8 OK too if male to male touching is acceptable, however hopefully not older than 24 and slim build, non smoker. If older, only very slim and well endowed guys!
Bi-curious guys very welcome, like guys who secretly want to try sex with a guy and 100% confidentially.
Not in first hand out for just some casual quick sex, but what we'd do together of course depends on mutual interest! I have a very nice house with sauna only a few steps from the sea.

NOTE! Possible sponsoring doesn't mean I'll be your personal ATM. I DON'T respond to messages just saying "send me money"!
Sponsoring means I can help you covering travel costs for visiting me, but only at arrival here and offer a free living here! OK?
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inglise, rootsi
auto, mootorratas, jalgratas, veesõiduk
kõikvõimalik kogumine, kalastamine, seks, seksuaalsed eksperimendid, reisimine, mehed, fotograafia, saun, arvutid-internet
Number 5
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pop, rock, klassika
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